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Weekend in Budapest marked by ruin bars

As I love culinary adventures, ruin bars, and cozy places – I can’t think of a better idea than a weekend in Budapest. I’ve prepared a quick itinerary for you (and for myself, as I have a memory like a goldfish), thanks to which you’ll have the opportunity to discover hidden gems that I have fallen in love with 🙂

Day 1: Dinner Israeli-style at Mazel Tov

We started our weekend in Budapest by checking into our accommodation. So far, it has always proven convenient to stay right in the city center – everything is within walking distance, and you don’t have to deal with the metro and transportation. After settling in, take a moment to relax and get ready for dinner. For the first evening, we chose the Israeli restaurant Mazel Tov in the Jewish Quarter. You’ll find a beautiful new section with a bar upstairs, but for dinner, I recommend the back part of the restaurant on the ground floor, where you can enjoy a pleasant green atrium with lights.

Beer in the most famous ruin bar, Szimpla Kert

After dinner, we moved to the iconic ruin bar, Szimpla Kert. This bar is renowned for its unique atmosphere and creative design. Enjoy a wide selection of local beers and cocktails in one of the most famous bars in Budapest. I also recommend trying their selection of wines. The atmosphere is fantastic throughout the street where Szimpla Kert is located, so feel free to explore 🙂

If you happen to get hungry, right next to Szimpla, you’ll find a lane with street food trucks. Here, you can discover traditional Hungarian goulash, tasty sweet potato fries, as well as international specialties.

Day 2: Saturday – Cultural Gems and Natural Serenity

Breakfast in the urban jungle

Start your second day off right with a hearty breakfast at Urban Jungle Twentysix Budapest. This place is known for its healthy and tasty dishes. Enjoy a cup of coffee amidst hundreds of plants and get ready to explore the city. The setting is incredibly photogenic, making it a great tip for marketers and influencers. The portions here are quite generous, so if you’re not a big breakfast eater, you might want to opt for something smaller 🙂

Citu Great Market Hall & Oriental Tea House

Our next stop was the Great Market Hall, a massive market in the historic Budapest building. Here, you can taste Hungarian delicacies such as fresh sausages, peppers, and sweets. But you can also shop for various gifts. After strolling through the market, head to the nearby Oriental Tea House, where you can refresh your taste buds with exotic teas in the form of non-alcoholic drinks. The owner is incredibly kind and filled us with mega good energy 🙂

Trip to Margit Island and Csendes Ruin Bar

After the afternoon break, head to Margit Island, which offers beautiful green parks, a mini zoo, and countless opportunities for relaxation. Try the traditional Hungarian lángos and pair it with local beer, or simply take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful gardens. Later, we returned to the mainland and walked around the Budapest Parliament, where we also visited the underground lapidarium. Then we headed to St. Stephen’s Basilica, where we enjoyed a sweet trdelník.

End your day with a visit to the Csendes Ruin Bar, where you can indulge in coffee, wine, and relaxation in the unique atmosphere of the ruins. We stayed here until evening, and pleasantly tired, we moved back to the apartment.

Day 3: Sunday – Shopping at IKEA and the Inevitable Swedish Meatballs

On the last day of your weekend in Budapest, head to IKEA for some shopping, known for its minimalist furniture and home accessories. Start your day with breakfast at the IKEA restaurant, where you can taste, for example, salmon tortilla or enjoy a coffee. I really love this part of IKEA shopping 😀

After shopping, we usually grab lunch with Swedish meatballs and head home.

We’ve undertaken this trip for the second time – once by ourselves and this time we brought friends who were pleasantly surprised by all that can be experienced in Budapest without leaving the city center. As for accommodation, we always prefer something in the center, even if it’s a bit more expensive. We haven’t used public transport or a taxi twice. Everything was within walking distance.

So, are you up for a trip to ruin bars? 🙂